Friday, February 29, 2008

first Digi page

ok just for Ang cause she asked nicely here is my very first digi page.  I used vintage florals from the shabby princess (from here )
Just had to do this photo as I absolutely love it.

Not much else on the scrapping or sewing front happening so just a very show and sweet post.
Oh and we have a photoshoot with Clair in the botanical gardens tomorrow and I cannot wait yay


Monday, February 18, 2008


OK made a little mistake and thanks to my sisters for pointing it out LOL
Kathryn wasn't the last to get get married she was the second last OK. She is the last to fall pregnant so that in itself is exciting enough
Happy girls LOL

Can't get my LO on her cause my computer is having a few probs. So there you have it I have scrapped but not Paper I did my first digi with a free kit. Was so much fun but now the comp is on the go slows it is bugging the hell out of me

OK will leave it there for now Jack is home from school and pestering me grrrr