Friday, June 20, 2008

A new little nephew

I have a new nephew yay
No news yet on size or name

So thats 4 nephews and 3 neices
now I wonder what the next baby due in Aug will be.  I was sure this little one was going to be a girl LOL

Now to finish a few boy things and send them off with the baby quilt

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I think I am addicted

Well I use to watch my mother quilt and patchwork and decided that I really wasn't patient enough to work on something for so long, But I have given in and I think I am a quilting addict PMSL
Mind you my mother takes ages to finish a quilt because she is the best procrastinator in the world hehe love ya mum.

I have just finished putting my blocks together for my disappearing 9 patch and it was so much fun.
So now I have all the top done so I have to sandwich and baste and then start the machine quilting.
After making Jacks quilt and the new niece/nephews floor rug I decided that my nan was next LOL  It is her bday near the end of August but I think once it is done I will send it off.  she is 88 this year and thought a lap quilt for her in the nursing home would be great.

So here it is. I just LOVE these colours together

Now to get to the basting etc etc

Not much else happening I really need to get back into the scrapping stuff as I have pics sitting there from Clair that I am dying to do.

Oh so many things to do and never enough time


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Finished baby quilt

Well it is such a long time that I blogged so I thought this needed its own mention.

I finish the baby quilt. After lots of thinking about the colour and asking here in blog land I have finished it. And i have to say I am very very happy with it.
I started quilting it by just using pins but it wasn't looking so great so decided to unpick it all and spray baste it down. Did that and it is perfect. The binding on the other hand is a bit dodgy but oh well that is the smallest part so it is OK PMSL. Anyway here is a pic.

So there you go all done in time for the new bundle which by the way is expected on the 19th/20th all going well.  My SIL is sure to do a fine job as she did last time and I can't wait to meet my new little niece or nephew.