Monday, September 29, 2008

Some little sewing

A week and a half ago my neighbour had her fourth child, another little girl.  So to help her out a little and as my gift for baby Alice I am making some little tshirts.  They are so little and cute.
They are an Ottobre pattern but altered to be a tshirt instead of romper.  Even after I broke my overlocker sewing the first one, No idea how I did that.  They look so cute and little.
Have two more little ones to sew and the a couple the next size up to make.

Better get back to the sewing and cutting out.
Have a few ts to cut out and have finished a pair of shorts last night and cut out a pair of comfy pants for me that I need to sew as well

Saturday, September 6, 2008

pencil rolls

I picked up some of the most gorgeous japanese fabric the other day at spotlight, even though I was trying so hard not to buy anymore LOL.

So since Luke has two parties on the weekend, both girls, I decided that since Anthony was in Melbourne I would sew.
There is no better present than these cute little pencil rolls.  Might even do a couple of no sew tutus as well.
Here they are

as you can see one of the little girls is called Molly, just a few fancy thing my new machine does

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Birthday boy

ok kids have food, well told to eat fruit so not sure if they are or not hehe and Jack is due for more pain relief in 10 mins so I tought I would pop back in with some pics of Luke this morning.

Tonsils are gone

Well yesterday Jack had his tonsils removed.  So after a very long exhusting day we are taking it easy for the next few days. He even managed to have a nap for 2 ours today which will do wonders to help him recovered.
His tonsils were very infected so he is on some pretty stop antibiotics for a few days and once he recovers fully we shouls have a new child LOL.

In other news I got an email today from scrapbook creations asking for a LO I did to be published. This is certainly an ego booster since I haven't scrapped since the retreat, actually I have a few things to finish on those LOs oppps.

OK well best be off as I have one birthday boy and one sick one upstairs wanting some attention