Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Some pics

OK just popping by to show off the sewing I did the other day.

The pics aren't great but here they are
Elliots PJ's

Elliots tshirt

Also made Luke a tshirt and shorts
ok well blogger doesn't want to upload any more pics so will leave it there and go get Jack from school


Friday, January 25, 2008


Yep thats right I found my sewing mojo. Maybe it is because I cleaned up and could actually see what was around me PMSL.
Have been busy making a little friend a pair of PJ's for his 2nd bday.  Will come back with a pic cause I am going to have to work out the elastic size mmmmm.

On other news I can announce that my youngest sister and the last to be married is 12 weeks pregnant.  I am so so so so happy for her when I spoke to her today after her scan I had tears in my eyes and I can totally understand her feelings.  She suffered a miscarriage last year so this is the best news I have heard in a very very long time and I hope she has the easiest pregnancy ever.  I love you my little sister, oh as I do you Jen hehe

Will be back when I have done more


Monday, January 21, 2008


well it is a new year and a really bad start to blogging.  Have been so busy lately and trying to get this place in some kind of order mmm well that isn't really happening.
We had a great xmas and new year and camping in 40 plus degree heat.  Are we crazy LOL.  Then we come back to Sydney and the rain and the humidity, isn't it only suppose to rain in winter holis not summer holidays.  I think the kids are going nuts cause it is soooo wet here.

Well I will just show a few pics and come back to write more as I need to work out tea and clean up the kitchen arghhhhh

First of all Anthony bought us a new camera for xmas the Canon 400D and I love it. it is going to take forever to work out though but i am having fun with it.
I love this picture of my niece so have to put it on here

also a few from camping

just playing with the camera

the kids and trust me there were no good shots one of them was doing something in each picture so was hard to choose a good one LOL

Jack and Ella doing dishes as it was most days, they actually wanted to do the dishes

the campsite

and now for some xmas shots LOL

xmas eve and a cousin to cuddle

xmas morning and there are two kids not in this pic and one newborn just 10 days old  awwwww

Jack and his new baby cousin Benjamin.  I think he held him for a couple of hours all up LOL Absolutely loved him and he has nearly the same colour hair to LOL infact there are three cousins with the same colour hair, gorgeous red

OK better leave it there and get tea sorted this blogging has taken longer than I though it would hehe