Sunday, December 16, 2007

Slowly getting everything done for Xmas

OK well just over a week to go and I am slowly getting everything done for xmas. yes I did say I am getting it done LOL
firslty a few pics of finished projects
Here is the altered diary for Jacks teacher

and then two frames I did last night before Luke woke with a temp of 39.8 C

one for Nan and one for Jean

ok mmm let me see what else I have finished Oh the Dinosaur for my new new baby nephew.

Yep thats right I have a new baby nephew Benjamin Joel born on the 15th Dec, so I get to cuddle my nephew lots and lots xmas day how happy am I LOL
here is a pic of him and his big sister

and the dinosaur that I made him from a funky friends pattern

not sure I am happy with the eyes but they will so LOL

OK well better get back to finish these bibs for my two new nephews for xmas.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

how many days till christmas

how did that happen we have less than 2 weeks now oh dear. better get my butt into gear

No new baby news on my sister yet but I am hoping it will be anyday now.

Anyway onto the good stuff

I was part of EBs scrap secret Santa and my present arrived today and I love it, it is beautiful.  Here are a few pics for you

I totally love it

My SS reciepient hasn't recieved hers yet and I am getting worried
here is a little peek at hers

I am just hoping that she has it and that she likes it

anyway have bauble to make and things to finish in the sewing department

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Xmas sewing

Well this year I decided that all gifts that we give to the niece's and nephews will be homemade, mmm well was that a great idea?  Lets just say it is keeping me busy and since I have been without a car for 3 weeks I have actually got quite a bit made and since they are all little I can show them off here LOL.

First of all I decided that Jenny's little baby needed a new romper for xmas so I just made a bought one fancy for xmas.  Oh and don't worry I am working on another one with red so they are both unisex but Jenny has a choice.  I think they have come up fantastic, even if I do say so myself

Also nearly finished X tshirt to go with his parcel of goodies, now
 to finish the cape.  These kids are going to have a ball over xmas.
Jack has drawn a pic of a trex and I have put that on X top and it looks fantastic I am so happy with how it came out.

I also have been working on some no sew tutus that I got a tutorial from the net,so easy and I have now made 4 LOL 3 for the neices
 and one for one of Jacks friends at school.
the neices little tuttus I can imagine them running around on xmas day in these

So I have a few other things on my to do list and one of the first things I have to do is my scrap SS and get that in the post arghhh oh and a present for Jens baby which is due on the 10th.  MMMM time is running out fast

oh and just cause I can here's a pic of my gorgeous Luke who lets mummy sew and sew and sew all day long LOL well almost

will leave it there and get back to the sewing

Cheers Susan

Thursday, November 22, 2007

so long again

It is such a busy time of the year at the moment and everything that can go wrong is for some reason.
Buggered my ankle again! and had a truck hit me from behind and push me into a car in front, so therefore have not had a car for over two weeks now.  So you would think that the house would be clean and I would have all the sewing up to date.  LOL not even close.

Since last time I posted I have a new nephew so have made him a little something, now just to get to the Post office and post it.  Had a ball making this gorgeous little softie from  
also got the dinosaur to make for xmas presents.  Also have to get something made for my sisters new baby which will be here in about 3 weeks.  How exciting

On the sewing front I have also made a little softie for Luke to have in bed with him and he loves it.

OK well I need to leave it there for now but I will be back with a pic of the items Fiona gave me for my Bday last month and a pic of the gorgeous dress I bought yest from the op shop.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Happy birthday to me

Well how the hell did that happen another year has gone.  So does that make me another year wiser LOL

I am waiting for Anthony to bring home my new LCD monitor as my bday present but he said it didn't arrive, I am not happy I can tell you PMSL.

Anyway don't have time to post just now so will try and get some more time ASAP

Oh on other news I have my new pump a medtronic 522 noice very noice

Cheers Susan

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Amys Top

OK been sewing today since we cleaned yesterday.

thought I would come in with a pic of Amy's top, all i need to do is the hem and sleeves but will wait until I try it on her next week first.  It is from the Ottobre mags that my neighbour receives and I have been borrowing, Thanks Fiona, smile.

I used some little stamps from sassafras lass that are designed for scrap booking but they look just so cute on this top and i am sure the others will get well used as well.  Also have the Oliver and friends set which is cute little owls, can't wait to use that set.
anyway here is the top
 and a close up of the stamps

ok time to finish tea

Sunday, September 23, 2007

time for an update

well where do i start.  mmmmmmm
well Anthony took two days off sick at the start of last week and drove me nuts LOL oh geez how can someone be so sick and still be alive, yes a typical man he was on his death bed grrrrrr

Have been sewing a lot lately have started and got quite a lot done on Amy's, Ebony's and Georgia's xmas presents and they are, even if I do say so, looking very cute indeed.

I managed to nearly finish Anthony's muscle top and complete a few head bands which are very easy to make but do need a few adjustments to the pattern.

mmm what else oh I have finish the LO for the beautiful comp on EB.  About time to, I was just so off scrapping with Luke sick and doing my ankle but alas I sat down over the weekend and finished it.  Thanks to Jenny, Sue, Tracey and of course Michelle for your help THANK YOU THANK YOU.
heres a little sneak peak of the LO

Now I just have to get it off to Michelle's (Scrapframes) for framing.  very hard since she is about 15 mins away LOL

ok going to leave it there


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

more sewing

and a little scrapping but I can't show that at the moment.

Have finished two of the four tops to got with the pants and he is a little sneaky peak LOL

Have also been doing a few things for the boys as well and adding a bit of stamping etc to their tops.  here is the front of one of Jacks new tops.  You only get the front cause I haven't sewn it together hehe
it is amazing how much a 6year old can love Dinosaurs

all right that's about it for tonight best be off for some popcorn (smile)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sewing Sewing and more Sewing

OK well I have been sewing and cutting out lately.  I cut out 2 tshirts for Luke and 2 tshirts for Jack now all I have to do is stencil Jacks tops with Dinosaurs and sew them.  But before I do that I need to finish some twins outfits.  Have done the pants apart from the hems and they look sooooo cute.  I really need to get the tops done and post them off.

Also working on some xmas presents for all the nieces have decided to do some clips and headbands to go with their little outfits.

Well better get back to the sewing so I can post some more pics, smile.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Almost a month GONE

Oh dear I can't believe that it has been nearly a month since I blogged last.  Mmmmm that sounds nice LOL.
Well here I am and we have had a very interesting household of late.
Luke got gastro which I got and Jack got, but of course I got it worse than Jack who threw up once and that was it, but our poor little lukey was sick for 2 1/2 weeks and that included throwing up in the car twice.  mmm yep real nice.  And then he comes down with a chest infection so he is now on antibiotics.

Sewing sewing sewing but can't seem to get anything finished at the moment but I can say that my nieces are going to be the cutest looking little girls around come xmas time.  I have so many little things planned that it is good that I am starting now hehehe I love sewing pink things LOL.  O have cut out a few tops and t-shirts for the boys and still have to sew the little tops for Angs twins.  I also made some undies for Jack from the ottobre mag from my neighbour and Jack loved them now I just have to sort out the elastic and make him some more.

Went to Michelle for a scrap day yesterday and had a ball met up with Deb, Dizzy, Ryn and Michelle, of course.  But I finally got to met Dee and she is a blast I had a ball and can't wait to go to the next one.  Dee got 6 LO's done I didn't even finish one.
I worked on the LO for the comp I won on EB where I have to scrap a LO for someone and I am loving doing it, another girly on of course, smile.  It is coming together nicely I think and I just have to do a few stamps and stick it all down, but I am sure that will take a while LOL

the other big this was that Luke turned three.  my baby is now three.  We had a great day on the Sat before for his party and then on the Monday we had a nice quiet day with maccas for lunch,  he had a great play in the play area and it just happened that there was another little boy in there so they played together Teenage mutant ninja turtles of all things PMSL.
these were his little cakes for his party. we decided since he had been sick that we would do cupcakes instead of a big cake.  He loved them of course

this is the excitement over a new shovel LOL
one the night of his bday with his cupcake tree, look at that gorgeous smile.
oh and check out this pic look at that face sooooo funny
he got a new bike for his bday and a wheel barrow which apparently he loves them both.

He hasn't been riding much lately but Jack had taken off with his riding.  We finally live somewhere that he can ride and ride.  After today I think all he will want to do is ride.  The neighbours kids got there training wheels off today and talk about amazing, it took Amy a few goes but Joey who is only 4 took off and that was it he was riding, it was soooo cute to watch.

OKies better leave it there and download some pics from today and maybe scrap


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

well so much is going on

Well it has almost been a week since I posted.  Every time I went to post I got busy with something else LOL.
Lisa got her handbag in the mail, a few days late even though I sent it express, damn Aussie post.
Ant has his new work car and I drove it both on Sat and Sun just to take it for a spin LOL it is a toyota Prius a hybrid car and very nice to drive.  Shame it is mainly a company car LOL Amy next door has already asked if I am going to drop them off to school in the black car hehe haven't told Ant yet LOL

On the scrapping front I won a competition on EB.  Was so excited to be choosen as a "Beautiful" LO creator.  means I scrap a few photos for a little girl called Kawana.  Can't wait to get started as I am loving doing girls pages at the moment, shame I have two boys. (smile)
I also get $100 cash prize for being choosen so you can guess where that money has gone.

Now on the sewing front.  mmmmm well Amys coat is about 80% complete. hasn't worked out completely as I had hoped, the collar didn't work out very neat but I am hoping when I topstich it it will be OK.  Then I think I will pop over to the nieghbours to get the button holes done.  Would love a machine with an automatic button hole but there is no way I would give up my trusty old ELNA.

Still have to make a few little girls bags including Amy Kates and one for Amy next door, but I did manage to get Nans bag finished for her Bday. I will send it to Jennys house with Amy Kates present so she can open it there with Amy.
one of Luke holding the bag for me. Hope Nan likes it and it doesn't fall apart PMSL might even head down to craft depot today and get a bit of something to jazz it up a bit.

Well better leave it there and see what Luke is up to and then get ready for the gym.

Cheers Susan

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Op Shop Goodies/ sewing

Well Luke and I headed to the op shop yeaterday after the gym and this is just a selection of goodies that we found. A pasta maker for the kids for $2, bargain, and 4 spot books for $2 - Lukes favorite. No fabrics orpatterns but I came home happy anyway (smile)
Jack had his school carnival on Tuesday and Luke and I went to watch in the arvo but by then Jack had already done his running races and come first, Proud mum here. Can wait to get hold of some photos of him.

Have also finished off Lisas handbag for her 30th bday and I am really happy with how it turned out. Did the pocket on the front a little different and I really like it and I am in love with the linning fabric, lucky I bought a bit (smile)

Will leave it there for now,  still no scrapping.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Photo swap LO's

OK now Theresa has received her LO's in the mail I can pop them in here to

I am really happy with them especially the middle one which i am very happy with them.
So glad you liked them Theresa
Not much else happening at the mo have been op shopping all day LOL but kids are ready for tea so must go

Cheers Susan

Monday, July 30, 2007

I made a blog header

I did it! didn't really take to long either just had to get in my head what I wanted. I think I am happy with it? let me know what you think would love to see some comments (smile)

Cheers Susan

Thursday, July 26, 2007

back again with some tea

Just had to come back in with a pic of the tea Jack cooked tonight. Did it all himself except cutting the cheese and bacon, even turned on the stove himself. Very proud mummy of a very independant 6 year old. I am planing on getting him to cook a few meals next week so he is going thru a reciepe book and telling me what he wants to cook LOL

Might have to scrap a new blog heading tonight I soooooo want to scrap, damn it being so cold in our room.


twice in one day

Can't believe I am back today LOL
Look how much I did even with Luke here LOL

finished sewing them and then laid it out

And then some more sewing and it is nearly finished, although I am a bit lazy as I was going to make a single bed size but it is turning out to be a lap quilt at this stage LOL

Not to bad hey

gotta go Jack is wanting tea.  Boys hey why do they need to eat

Cheers Susan


Well I have finally got my walking foot for my old Elna machine and so I now need to finish Jacks
raggy edge quilt that I started four years ago.  Oh how embarrassing 4 years It was suppose to be a full single bed size but I think I might make it a lap quilt cause Jack has star wars on his bed and Luke has thomas.

I have so much fabric in the cupboard and in my sewing room that I need to finish off some projects before I start any more.  I need to make a bag for Lisa's 30th and Amys bday presents as well so really have to get started on it all, it needs to be done by end of August.
Amd just for fun a cute pic of Luke

Cheers Susan

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

school pics

how exciting we got Jacks school photos back and they are so cute. No I am not bias hehe.
he also gave them to me with his permission to scrap them LOL you can't get much cuter than that.

gotta leave it there as I have to get the boys organised for bed.

Will be back


Monday, July 23, 2007

well the present is in the mail

thats right I finished Xaviers pants in time to get them in the mail express today.  So hoping that he gets them tomorrow and that he likes them.  Added a little thomas toy as well cause I can't help myself LOL

and the top with the train on the front and toot toot stamped down the arm

and the pants from the Ottobre mag. Not hte easiest pattern but looks very smart when finished

OKies gotta leave it there for now as I am rather hungry and need to get the boys ready for bed.
Will be back tonight though hehe


Sunday, July 22, 2007

well here we are.....

in blog world again and I have no idea how people find the time to do this everyday.  I have so much to show but where to start?

Luke fell at the school on Tuesday and decided that his head was a good part of his body to stop himself LOL poor little bugger hit so hard a bump came up straight away. and of course Luke being Luke he would not let me put any ice on it at all. he still has a very nice bump today and bruising around his eyes so i assume he had deep bruising.

this is a pic of him on sat as you can see he has a very dirty face but that is normal for little luke hehe

Have been working on a few LO's fo our Photo swap on Eb and I am very happy with the results here is a little sneak peak for Theresa

Hope you like them when you get them Theresa

I am trying to get Xaviers bday present finished so I can express post it on Monday. Done his top and just have to finish off his pants and hope they fit his waist OK.
Here is the top i made, I am loving having an overlocker makes things sooooooo much quicker and easier
sorry about the crap pics but you get the idea

Well have to leave it there and get stuck into the jobs I need to finish today.  Might get back tonight with an update on X's pants