Sunday, July 22, 2007

well here we are.....

in blog world again and I have no idea how people find the time to do this everyday.  I have so much to show but where to start?

Luke fell at the school on Tuesday and decided that his head was a good part of his body to stop himself LOL poor little bugger hit so hard a bump came up straight away. and of course Luke being Luke he would not let me put any ice on it at all. he still has a very nice bump today and bruising around his eyes so i assume he had deep bruising.

this is a pic of him on sat as you can see he has a very dirty face but that is normal for little luke hehe

Have been working on a few LO's fo our Photo swap on Eb and I am very happy with the results here is a little sneak peak for Theresa

Hope you like them when you get them Theresa

I am trying to get Xaviers bday present finished so I can express post it on Monday. Done his top and just have to finish off his pants and hope they fit his waist OK.
Here is the top i made, I am loving having an overlocker makes things sooooooo much quicker and easier
sorry about the crap pics but you get the idea

Well have to leave it there and get stuck into the jobs I need to finish today.  Might get back tonight with an update on X's pants


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