Thursday, July 26, 2007

back again with some tea

Just had to come back in with a pic of the tea Jack cooked tonight. Did it all himself except cutting the cheese and bacon, even turned on the stove himself. Very proud mummy of a very independant 6 year old. I am planing on getting him to cook a few meals next week so he is going thru a reciepe book and telling me what he wants to cook LOL

Might have to scrap a new blog heading tonight I soooooo want to scrap, damn it being so cold in our room.



debbiedo said...

Way to go Jack! Your cooking looks way better than mine! he he

Didn't know you had a blog Susan! Great work with all the sewing, you are such a super talented gal.


Angela said...

WOO HOO on your new blog header!! It looks sensational.

And WTG to Jack for cooking such a yummy looking dinner.

possum11 said...

OMG - what a clever little chook is Jack! I dread to think what Ciaran would come up with if left to his own devices in the kitchen, but I highly doubt it would be edible PMSL!