Monday, July 4, 2011

Little bit of sewing

I have started three new sewing items in the last two weeks and also had a trip to the quilt show at Darling Harbour.
I love a good quilt show and this one defiantly live up to expectations for me.  I had a ball and just wish I didn't have to hear that "we will be closing in five minutes" over the loud speaker LOL.
I got a few supplies and looked at a few things that I have wanted to try so this year I am going to have a go at a few things outside my comfort zone.

Onto another topic now- Xmas, yes I know it is only just July but by xmas time I will have 12 nieces and nephews and that is a lot of presents to give!
I need to make a start so I have been working on a doll pattern and have run off my first one.  I was going to call her my Ebony doll cause she was going to have Orange hair just like my neice, but I couldn't find the right colour felt for this doll so this one ended up with black hair.  Will just call her Ebony anyway!
So I have finished my first attempt and I am happy to say that there isn't much I have to change yipee. I do have to add a face though but I have the eyes etc all planned I just need to get brave and do it LOL
here she is in all her glory, I based her on a doll I saw on someones blog (I can't remember which one sorry) and I love the fact that she does not need to be dressed.  For a little one that is perfect.
Not the best pic but you get the idea.
Now one of my nieces turns one in August and I was planning on giving her a doll for xmas but since I have found out her parents are giving her a pram, shhh don't tell, for her birthday I thought an Ebony doll would be perfect, mind you she can name it anything she wants, doll doll is fine LOL. these are the fabrics I am going to work with
Should look rather cute I hope.

I also have a quilt started for my mother in laws 60th birthday, now her birthday isn't till Jan but it takes awhile to quilt these things so I am being prepared.  I already cut 6 triangles 1/4 inche too small bugger.

I also wanted to make one of these groovy things for hubbys and my keys, from my sisters blog.

Well better get back to sewing or sleeping or something!