Sunday, December 16, 2007

Slowly getting everything done for Xmas

OK well just over a week to go and I am slowly getting everything done for xmas. yes I did say I am getting it done LOL
firslty a few pics of finished projects
Here is the altered diary for Jacks teacher

and then two frames I did last night before Luke woke with a temp of 39.8 C

one for Nan and one for Jean

ok mmm let me see what else I have finished Oh the Dinosaur for my new new baby nephew.

Yep thats right I have a new baby nephew Benjamin Joel born on the 15th Dec, so I get to cuddle my nephew lots and lots xmas day how happy am I LOL
here is a pic of him and his big sister

and the dinosaur that I made him from a funky friends pattern

not sure I am happy with the eyes but they will so LOL

OK well better get back to finish these bibs for my two new nephews for xmas.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

how many days till christmas

how did that happen we have less than 2 weeks now oh dear. better get my butt into gear

No new baby news on my sister yet but I am hoping it will be anyday now.

Anyway onto the good stuff

I was part of EBs scrap secret Santa and my present arrived today and I love it, it is beautiful.  Here are a few pics for you

I totally love it

My SS reciepient hasn't recieved hers yet and I am getting worried
here is a little peek at hers

I am just hoping that she has it and that she likes it

anyway have bauble to make and things to finish in the sewing department