Tuesday, December 11, 2007

how many days till christmas

how did that happen we have less than 2 weeks now oh dear. better get my butt into gear

No new baby news on my sister yet but I am hoping it will be anyday now.

Anyway onto the good stuff

I was part of EBs scrap secret Santa and my present arrived today and I love it, it is beautiful.  Here are a few pics for you

I totally love it

My SS reciepient hasn't recieved hers yet and I am getting worried
here is a little peek at hers

I am just hoping that she has it and that she likes it

anyway have bauble to make and things to finish in the sewing department

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Melanie said...


Thankyou sooooooo much for my EB SS pressie - I didn't get it until Wed and have been tied down with vomitting girls, end of school and dance rehearsals etc. The door hangers are just beautiful - and the Xmas stars - how do you do it - can you pop a tut up on your blog :) :) :) THANKS again