Sunday, September 30, 2007

Amys Top

OK been sewing today since we cleaned yesterday.

thought I would come in with a pic of Amy's top, all i need to do is the hem and sleeves but will wait until I try it on her next week first.  It is from the Ottobre mags that my neighbour receives and I have been borrowing, Thanks Fiona, smile.

I used some little stamps from sassafras lass that are designed for scrap booking but they look just so cute on this top and i am sure the others will get well used as well.  Also have the Oliver and friends set which is cute little owls, can't wait to use that set.
anyway here is the top
 and a close up of the stamps

ok time to finish tea

Sunday, September 23, 2007

time for an update

well where do i start.  mmmmmmm
well Anthony took two days off sick at the start of last week and drove me nuts LOL oh geez how can someone be so sick and still be alive, yes a typical man he was on his death bed grrrrrr

Have been sewing a lot lately have started and got quite a lot done on Amy's, Ebony's and Georgia's xmas presents and they are, even if I do say so, looking very cute indeed.

I managed to nearly finish Anthony's muscle top and complete a few head bands which are very easy to make but do need a few adjustments to the pattern.

mmm what else oh I have finish the LO for the beautiful comp on EB.  About time to, I was just so off scrapping with Luke sick and doing my ankle but alas I sat down over the weekend and finished it.  Thanks to Jenny, Sue, Tracey and of course Michelle for your help THANK YOU THANK YOU.
heres a little sneak peak of the LO

Now I just have to get it off to Michelle's (Scrapframes) for framing.  very hard since she is about 15 mins away LOL

ok going to leave it there


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

more sewing

and a little scrapping but I can't show that at the moment.

Have finished two of the four tops to got with the pants and he is a little sneaky peak LOL

Have also been doing a few things for the boys as well and adding a bit of stamping etc to their tops.  here is the front of one of Jacks new tops.  You only get the front cause I haven't sewn it together hehe
it is amazing how much a 6year old can love Dinosaurs

all right that's about it for tonight best be off for some popcorn (smile)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sewing Sewing and more Sewing

OK well I have been sewing and cutting out lately.  I cut out 2 tshirts for Luke and 2 tshirts for Jack now all I have to do is stencil Jacks tops with Dinosaurs and sew them.  But before I do that I need to finish some twins outfits.  Have done the pants apart from the hems and they look sooooo cute.  I really need to get the tops done and post them off.

Also working on some xmas presents for all the nieces have decided to do some clips and headbands to go with their little outfits.

Well better get back to the sewing so I can post some more pics, smile.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Almost a month GONE

Oh dear I can't believe that it has been nearly a month since I blogged last.  Mmmmm that sounds nice LOL.
Well here I am and we have had a very interesting household of late.
Luke got gastro which I got and Jack got, but of course I got it worse than Jack who threw up once and that was it, but our poor little lukey was sick for 2 1/2 weeks and that included throwing up in the car twice.  mmm yep real nice.  And then he comes down with a chest infection so he is now on antibiotics.

Sewing sewing sewing but can't seem to get anything finished at the moment but I can say that my nieces are going to be the cutest looking little girls around come xmas time.  I have so many little things planned that it is good that I am starting now hehehe I love sewing pink things LOL.  O have cut out a few tops and t-shirts for the boys and still have to sew the little tops for Angs twins.  I also made some undies for Jack from the ottobre mag from my neighbour and Jack loved them now I just have to sort out the elastic and make him some more.

Went to Michelle for a scrap day yesterday and had a ball met up with Deb, Dizzy, Ryn and Michelle, of course.  But I finally got to met Dee and she is a blast I had a ball and can't wait to go to the next one.  Dee got 6 LO's done I didn't even finish one.
I worked on the LO for the comp I won on EB where I have to scrap a LO for someone and I am loving doing it, another girly on of course, smile.  It is coming together nicely I think and I just have to do a few stamps and stick it all down, but I am sure that will take a while LOL

the other big this was that Luke turned three.  my baby is now three.  We had a great day on the Sat before for his party and then on the Monday we had a nice quiet day with maccas for lunch,  he had a great play in the play area and it just happened that there was another little boy in there so they played together Teenage mutant ninja turtles of all things PMSL.
these were his little cakes for his party. we decided since he had been sick that we would do cupcakes instead of a big cake.  He loved them of course

this is the excitement over a new shovel LOL
one the night of his bday with his cupcake tree, look at that gorgeous smile.
oh and check out this pic look at that face sooooo funny
he got a new bike for his bday and a wheel barrow which apparently he loves them both.

He hasn't been riding much lately but Jack had taken off with his riding.  We finally live somewhere that he can ride and ride.  After today I think all he will want to do is ride.  The neighbours kids got there training wheels off today and talk about amazing, it took Amy a few goes but Joey who is only 4 took off and that was it he was riding, it was soooo cute to watch.

OKies better leave it there and download some pics from today and maybe scrap