Monday, July 4, 2011

Little bit of sewing

I have started three new sewing items in the last two weeks and also had a trip to the quilt show at Darling Harbour.
I love a good quilt show and this one defiantly live up to expectations for me.  I had a ball and just wish I didn't have to hear that "we will be closing in five minutes" over the loud speaker LOL.
I got a few supplies and looked at a few things that I have wanted to try so this year I am going to have a go at a few things outside my comfort zone.

Onto another topic now- Xmas, yes I know it is only just July but by xmas time I will have 12 nieces and nephews and that is a lot of presents to give!
I need to make a start so I have been working on a doll pattern and have run off my first one.  I was going to call her my Ebony doll cause she was going to have Orange hair just like my neice, but I couldn't find the right colour felt for this doll so this one ended up with black hair.  Will just call her Ebony anyway!
So I have finished my first attempt and I am happy to say that there isn't much I have to change yipee. I do have to add a face though but I have the eyes etc all planned I just need to get brave and do it LOL
here she is in all her glory, I based her on a doll I saw on someones blog (I can't remember which one sorry) and I love the fact that she does not need to be dressed.  For a little one that is perfect.
Not the best pic but you get the idea.
Now one of my nieces turns one in August and I was planning on giving her a doll for xmas but since I have found out her parents are giving her a pram, shhh don't tell, for her birthday I thought an Ebony doll would be perfect, mind you she can name it anything she wants, doll doll is fine LOL. these are the fabrics I am going to work with
Should look rather cute I hope.

I also have a quilt started for my mother in laws 60th birthday, now her birthday isn't till Jan but it takes awhile to quilt these things so I am being prepared.  I already cut 6 triangles 1/4 inche too small bugger.

I also wanted to make one of these groovy things for hubbys and my keys, from my sisters blog.

Well better get back to sewing or sleeping or something!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wet Sunday

Well the weather here this weekend has not been nice at all.  No bike riding here.
The boys and I are all still getting over this nasty cold and there is a lot of coughing in this house.

I decided that it was time I got back to the sewing machine, so I set the boys up with some fabric bags that they started drawing on a year ago, before we moved, and then dragged out my fabric and pattern.

This is what the boys came up with
The start of Jacks picture on one side of the bag.

Lukes picture on the other side of the bag
 Another Bag- Lukes drawing and we still need to add a few buttons on this picture. The center of the flowers will have buttons as well as the chick in the nest.
The beginnings of Jacks second drawing, he is going into a lot of detail so not sure how long it will take him to finish.
And as for me I bought a pattern last week and finally started a block today.
I have had this fabric for ages now and finally decided to cut it.
the pattern I used was Sand castles by Rebecca Johnson pattern found here
This was rather easy to follow. The hard part was trying to decide which fabrics to put where.
And I had a little trouble with the turrets being the wrong size opps.
Anyway I did get one block finished and I am not sure how many other blocks I will make but I am sure if I make this into a pillow the boys will use it in the toy room,  mmm maybe a throw for the toy room would be good too.
Sorry about the bad photo I took it with the flash and have not cropped it opps.

Anyway will leave it there as hubby needs the computer to plan the new network at work. Fun stuff!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy mothers day!

To all those mums out there Happy mothers day.

Hope you all get spoilt rotten for the whole day.

My mum- She was a nurse before she had 6 children, She lost one at 27 weeks. But now she has 5 children 5 inlaws and 10 grandchildren and she is the best mother, grandmother that we could ever ask for. She is the mum that will always be there and will not judge you or anyone, she will just get in and do the dirty jobs and loves each and everyone of us for who we are and the way we are. She is truly amazing and the patients she must have. She has three daughters and each of us tell her how things are done in our houses and she will not complain she will do them the way we want. She folds the towels how I fold the towels she makes sure my sisters kitchen benches are clean the way she likes it and she does not judge us for our weakness. She truly is a great reason to celebrate mothers day.

My mums mum is the only grandparent we have left and she is turning 91 this year. She is special in her own way. She is an amazing strong woman and has lived through a lot. She was the only girl in a family of 7 children. She had 3 older and 3 younger brothers and her mother was a sick woman and died before she was 20. She then had to take on the roll of the mother and for these reasons she only got along with 2 of her brothers. Respect for women in the 30s and 40s was in very short supply and my nan never got any appreciation for what she did for her family.

My grandma- well where do I start. My grandma was an amazing woman. she is special and always will be and the hardest thing I have ever had to see was my grandmother get old and frail and then leave us. She was my fathers mother and there is a special bond between a boy and his mother (thank goodness cause I only have 2 boys LOL) I saw my father breakdown for the very first time ever at his mothers funeral, and I am so glad to have been there for him.
My grandfather called Grandma his little trouble. She was anything but and was his rock and his love.

I am very lucky to have had some very special mums in my life if they haven't all been my mum. I am lucky to have had these mums behind the people that I love more than anything in the world and this day is for all of them and for you as well.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Getting started again

I keep opening my blog with the intention on posting something but always find something to distract me.

But today I am determined to get it up and start posting again.  I am a bit burnt out lately and I have to many things in my head that I just never seem to get started on anything.  Now is the time to clear my head and start again on one project at a time.  Mind you I have two new nieces or nephews on the way, both around the same time, October, and also my 6 month old niece that I have not made a little quilt for.

Last year I started on a quilt for one of my nieces whose mother loves monkeys. I never got in here with finished pics so thought I should show them off now.

I added the bananas to the boarder and think they look rather cute.
Really happy with how this quilt came together and now that number two is on the way I want to make another one very similar with a monkey on it. Just not sure what sex the next bub will be so I am going to wait and see.

OK will leave it there tonight have to get the boys lunches sorted for tomorrow and get them ready for bed

xxooxx Susan

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I am so slack at this whole blog thing.  I keep wondering if I keep going with it but it is easy for me to come here and look up the things I like to keep track of as well.  So I will try and keep it a little more up to date.

We have moved now and I have a huge house and sewing/office room so now I just need to get a little more unpacking done and I can get back into action.

Will leave it there as I have to much to do, sewing for my three week old neice is now on the list as well.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Quiet Saturday arvo

Well it has been a nice quite day here today.

We picked up a new buffet for the kitchen and then the kids wanted to do some paintings.

Luke was a powerhouse having an absolute ball and trying to paint as many pictures as he could. Jack finished two pictures. One was a copy from a book that we loved the illustrations in and the other was the hungry caterpillar.

He did such a great job and of course I had to have a little paint as well.

I have so much to do and I should have taken pics of Jacks new tshirt but I forgot. Will get pics tomorrow.

anyway here a pic of our day and the kitchen table.

Will be back with more monkey quilt pics as well, all I have to do is sew on the binding and it is ready to drop off next weekend.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

back in the groove

Well I decided that it was time I had some new pjs and since Anthony has been away or working late I started working on them this week.  I have shocked myself by actually finishing them LOL

And I love them infact the tshirt I made I am going to have to do a few more to wear during the day.  I am also going to use the butterfly applique idea on a skirt as well just have to make a start on that.