Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wet Sunday

Well the weather here this weekend has not been nice at all.  No bike riding here.
The boys and I are all still getting over this nasty cold and there is a lot of coughing in this house.

I decided that it was time I got back to the sewing machine, so I set the boys up with some fabric bags that they started drawing on a year ago, before we moved, and then dragged out my fabric and pattern.

This is what the boys came up with
The start of Jacks picture on one side of the bag.

Lukes picture on the other side of the bag
 Another Bag- Lukes drawing and we still need to add a few buttons on this picture. The center of the flowers will have buttons as well as the chick in the nest.
The beginnings of Jacks second drawing, he is going into a lot of detail so not sure how long it will take him to finish.
And as for me I bought a pattern last week and finally started a block today.
I have had this fabric for ages now and finally decided to cut it.
the pattern I used was Sand castles by Rebecca Johnson pattern found here
This was rather easy to follow. The hard part was trying to decide which fabrics to put where.
And I had a little trouble with the turrets being the wrong size opps.
Anyway I did get one block finished and I am not sure how many other blocks I will make but I am sure if I make this into a pillow the boys will use it in the toy room,  mmm maybe a throw for the toy room would be good too.
Sorry about the bad photo I took it with the flash and have not cropped it opps.

Anyway will leave it there as hubby needs the computer to plan the new network at work. Fun stuff!

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Jamily Creations said...

Love the boys bags. What are you going to do with them when they're finished? Will they be shopping bags or something else? Oh and the castle is great too. Might have to steal that pattern off you.