Saturday, April 26, 2008

two posts in one day

wow I am doing two posts in one day LOL can't believe it

Anyway thought I would pop back with a few of Jacks cake tonight. He requested pizza for tea so we had home made pizzas, with the dough in the breadmaker yummy

Oh and on quilting news my lovely old Elna packed it in yesterday, tell me I was happy about that NOT. Was finishing the last two borders and it wont go properly now grrrrrr. Mind you it is probably a good thing cause I need to sort out a few things around the house and get the wadding on Mon or Tuesday etc etc. So I suppose it ain't all bad.

Anyway not much else is happening, we had the most glorios day here in Sydney. The sun came out for Jacks bday and put a smile on everyones faces.

well better sort out some of this washing

Happy birthday my 7 year old

well Jack is celebrating his 7th Birthday today and having an absolute ball

To be honest I couldn't be prouder of my little man. He is Sensitive and honest and brave and I am just soooo Lucky to have a boy like this.

Just thought I would share a few pics of him this morning

his glow in the dark Dino that Luke gave him

One of the Dino DVDs from Nanny

Torch from Grandpa and grandma, Just like grandpas torch very happy about that

opening his star wars transformer from mummy and daddy

and one of Luke cause I can.  He was so excited this morning he ran and got out Jacks present and asked if he could wake him LOL

So all in all a lovely day so far

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Going great guns

OK well Jacks quilt is going along nicely, even if I do say so myself LOL

Just thought I would come in and share some pics

that is my ever gorgeous Jack man who is 7 in 2 days.  He is a little bit excited about his new quilt that seems to be getting bigger and bigger.
I am so proud of this kid. He went and had blood test done today and he was SOOOOOO brave, I was sooooo Proud.

Will be back when I have more pics

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jacks Quilt

OK well it has been a very productive arfternoon.
After I made sure the kitchen was clean I sat down and started Jacks Dinosaur quilt, I want to get it all sewn together before his birthday on Sat but we will wait and see.

I cheated and bought a precut kit off ebay.  so all I had to do was sew the strips and then cut and sew some more LOL. so here are the beginnings of Jacks quilt
Wish me luck for the rest of it.

so now I have four blocks sewn together and now I need to add another one and then do the other two rows.
So better get back to it

Monday, April 21, 2008

Very long time

OK so it has been over a month since I posted but there has not been a lot of scrapping or sewing going on.

We went away for a week over easter and I did make some Pj's and tshirts and shorts for the boys but haven't got back into the groove yet.

Thought I better come in and show a few pics

First up Jack had his cross country the last day of term and he did sooo well. the kids can run fast over short distances but when it comes to long distance he needs to train I think.  He ran so fast ans then got pooped.  Anyway heres a pic of Jack running

and now a few from our holidays at Womboyn, I love that place.

Jack and his first fish

Jack falling in the water

Luke playing on the beach

Luke collecting his easter eggs, now that is a happy face

The three kids on the jetty

Jack out int he boat catching fish with grandpa

and just cause I can add this pic of jack

And of course I had to add one of the littlest member of our family at the moment. Little baby Ben, my gorgeous Nephew and what a good little baby he is oh how I wish Luke was like that LOL

OK now it is time to tidy and get some sewing done and get things organised for Jacks bday.  I can't believe my little boy will be 7 on Saturday. Jack is telling me he is big LOL