Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happy birthday my 7 year old

well Jack is celebrating his 7th Birthday today and having an absolute ball

To be honest I couldn't be prouder of my little man. He is Sensitive and honest and brave and I am just soooo Lucky to have a boy like this.

Just thought I would share a few pics of him this morning

his glow in the dark Dino that Luke gave him

One of the Dino DVDs from Nanny

Torch from Grandpa and grandma, Just like grandpas torch very happy about that

opening his star wars transformer from mummy and daddy

and one of Luke cause I can.  He was so excited this morning he ran and got out Jacks present and asked if he could wake him LOL

So all in all a lovely day so far


debbiedo said...

Great photos Susan! Happy birthday Jack.

Love the dinosaur quilt too, you are so clever!!!!


Angela said...

Happy Birthday Jack!!!
He looks like one very spoilt 7yr old. ;)