Monday, April 21, 2008

Very long time

OK so it has been over a month since I posted but there has not been a lot of scrapping or sewing going on.

We went away for a week over easter and I did make some Pj's and tshirts and shorts for the boys but haven't got back into the groove yet.

Thought I better come in and show a few pics

First up Jack had his cross country the last day of term and he did sooo well. the kids can run fast over short distances but when it comes to long distance he needs to train I think.  He ran so fast ans then got pooped.  Anyway heres a pic of Jack running

and now a few from our holidays at Womboyn, I love that place.

Jack and his first fish

Jack falling in the water

Luke playing on the beach

Luke collecting his easter eggs, now that is a happy face

The three kids on the jetty

Jack out int he boat catching fish with grandpa

and just cause I can add this pic of jack

And of course I had to add one of the littlest member of our family at the moment. Little baby Ben, my gorgeous Nephew and what a good little baby he is oh how I wish Luke was like that LOL

OK now it is time to tidy and get some sewing done and get things organised for Jacks bday.  I can't believe my little boy will be 7 on Saturday. Jack is telling me he is big LOL

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