Saturday, April 26, 2008

two posts in one day

wow I am doing two posts in one day LOL can't believe it

Anyway thought I would pop back with a few of Jacks cake tonight. He requested pizza for tea so we had home made pizzas, with the dough in the breadmaker yummy

Oh and on quilting news my lovely old Elna packed it in yesterday, tell me I was happy about that NOT. Was finishing the last two borders and it wont go properly now grrrrrr. Mind you it is probably a good thing cause I need to sort out a few things around the house and get the wadding on Mon or Tuesday etc etc. So I suppose it ain't all bad.

Anyway not much else is happening, we had the most glorios day here in Sydney. The sun came out for Jacks bday and put a smile on everyones faces.

well better sort out some of this washing


possum11 said...

A lovely big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jack! The big 7! Sounds like it was a great day, and you looked very happy, and Lukey looks very proud to be your little brother in that pic - love those hands on the hips there mum!

Great quilt there Susan!! Give me a yell if you want to borrow one of my Pfaffs to finish it off - built in dual feed/walking foot so great for getting the layers to match well etc. Nothing worse than struggling with a misbehaving machine, but Craft Depot just up the road have a great mechanic.

enjoy your Sunday!

Angela said...

Bugger about the Elna. I hope you get it sorted soon.