Saturday, December 27, 2008

last of the presents

ok so these were the last of the presents that were sent to my nieces and nephews.

the pink dragonfly quilt for Amy

the colourful dragonfly quilt for Ebony

Jame's presents. shorts, 3 t's, bib and Edward the elephant

Bens presents plus his Mike the sock monkey and bib

Ben and Orlans bibs

Tshirts made for James and the same for Orlan

So there you have it now I have to get stuck into Ebonys birthday present for the 7th of January

Friday, December 26, 2008

well it is all over for another year

I hope you all had a great xmas whatever you did and wherever you are.

Ours was great a very quite, well compared to all the family getting together, lovely xmas.  It was just the four of us and the boys had a ball.  We got up at 7am and opened Santa presents then had our usual pancakes for breaky, got the pudding on and had a shower then opened a few more presents.  After Lunch we opened the rest and the boys finally got to their speed racer slot cars.
the day was great to say the least.

Luke first thing in the morning, not quite awake yet I don't think LOL

opening his Santa sack

with his new Ben 10 watch, just what he always wanted

Luke got a wooden castle and

a wooden pirate ship

Jacks got transformers and Lego and more

Our little family at lunch it was yummy

The boys opening presents from the aunties and uncles and cousins

so many speed racer toys

and finally the slot cars, just had to be speed racer.  Lucky mummy was in target when they had 50% off speed racer.

Hope you all had a great xmas.  Will be back with pics of the presents sent to the niece's and nephews.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

two parcels posted

OK here is the first messenger bag I made.  It was made for jody  
as part of the EB scrappers secret santa.

these bags are actually very fun to make and now I have started them I need to make more LOL three done already but will need to stop till after xmas now and then I will make myself one.

OK I have two of the five parcel posted and on their way for some special nieces and nephews for xmas.  Lets hope the arrive cause I don't usually get acknowledged by one family that gets presents.

I often wonder why I make things and never receive a yes it arrived or dare I say a thank you.  But I suppose I love it when my kids get their presents and are just so excited I love to know that my niece and nephew are the same even if I never receive a thanks for them.  Anyway that is another topic altogether.

I made X my 5 year old nephew a play mat for his cars or lego or thomas that can just be pulled together to store them in.  We have one for lego and it is great, although Jacks lego collection doesn't fit on it anymore.

Hope he likes it and I am sure his mum will so she doesn't have to keep picking up after him LOL

oh and I also needed to put in the tut that I used for the sock monkey I found it here and loved it it is so easy.  I also had a looksy on youtube for different types as well.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

getting all the sewing done for xmas

Finished the messenger tote for Jack teacher and I love it, and so did she.  So thrilled with how it turned out.  I used the Mischievous Gnome messenger bag pattern and I love it so easy and the zip was fantastic and easy.

ok so I am slowing getting there with all the sewing for nieces and nephews and the teachers.
I have done Aidan and Georgia's presents done.

Georgia's is a skirt made from a pair of jeans and I love how this turned out

this little top was from the ottobre patterns

And then there is Aidan's pjs

Also my SS got her present so will come back and show that to

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Mike and Simon the sock monkeys - all ready for big adventures out there in the big wide world.

Although they will be seperate as of this week as Mike is going off to Live at Benjamins house, since it is his bday present and Simon is off to Orlans house for xmas.

Loved making these little monkeys and I already have two more orders from my boys LOL

Monday, December 8, 2008

Scrapping secret santa

OK I finally got my secret Santa parcel in the mail today but posted it express so my recipient should get it tomorrow and here is a little sneaky pic of it.  I was so totally not scrap related as this girl has some amazing talent.  Will post a link to her blog when she gets her present.

And here is the gorgeous present I received this year from my SS, whom I am still trying to find out who it is LOL

first there was this countdown to Christmas that Jack is changing every day LOL

And then this amazing little journal so I can put everything down from this years xmas.  I love it

there was plenty more pages but I am buggered and should be in bed

Thanks again Secret santa

arghhh xmas is getting closer

well I am trying to finish off all these little projects for all the niece's and nephews.  I am getting there slowly.

I have finished James elephant

and also on the way to being finished with the dolls quilts.
Have completed the sock monkeys, one for Benjamin's bday and one for Orlan for xmas.
need to get some more little tshirts and shorts done and finish off some bibs and put eyelets around the play mat for X.

So I am getting there, and even though it takes a fair bit of time I am loving making
all the projects for them.

We have got the xmas tree set up and the boys love it.  Just need to sort out a few outdoor lights but we have all had gastro end of last week and over the weekend.  I am pretending that I am not and have not been queasy cause i don't have time, but geez I feel crap LOL

will leave you with a few xmas pics

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

For James

While I was looking after a friends child yesterday I whipped up this gorgeous Tshirt that I am so in love with.  Will be posted down to my littlest nephew soon.

it is only a little bit bigger than the last one I made him so he will get a bigger one for xmas with a pair of shorts and his new little edward the elephant.

and since Jack has just lost his 7th tooth I thought it was time to make a tooth pillow LOL
SO here it is and Ja
ck has done most of the work on it except sewing the eyes and mouth on.  He even hand stitched it closed.

best be off

Monday, November 24, 2008

geez it is only 31 days till xmas

Well I am in full force on the xmas sewing front.  Everything is well underway I just need a good patterns for little boys shorts in sizes 6 months and 1, so have to hunt around all my patterns and see what I can come up with.

Also got my EB scrap secret Santa underway, but need to get it finished and sent off.

My sister is going to get her little surprise in the mail tomorrow I hope.  She heads to Melb to go into hosi on Wed and will be in for about a week.  Freaking me out a bit but she is one of the strongest most stubborn person I know so I know she will be fine as will her baby and hubby.  I hope she loves the little something I whipped up for her.
I hate being interstate when these things happen but she knows how much I wish I was there and that will have to do.  

Getting a bit emotional now so off to another topic LOL

OK had a friends little boy here today so have been upstairs sewing but will need to take a pics of the gorgeous t I made for James.  It is sooooo cute.

ok can't find the other pics I was going to post so better get a few more things done today.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

More quilting goodness

OK so this is the third dolls quilt all ready to sandwich and quilt in the car

Best be off and back these bags