Saturday, December 27, 2008

last of the presents

ok so these were the last of the presents that were sent to my nieces and nephews.

the pink dragonfly quilt for Amy

the colourful dragonfly quilt for Ebony

Jame's presents. shorts, 3 t's, bib and Edward the elephant

Bens presents plus his Mike the sock monkey and bib

Ben and Orlans bibs

Tshirts made for James and the same for Orlan

So there you have it now I have to get stuck into Ebonys birthday present for the 7th of January


Anonymous said...

OMG Susan, I am just in awe of your sewing abilities... bloody hell chook, everything is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Thanks heaps for James' present. T-Shirts are great and I proudly showed of the elephant as xmas. Kathryn

Anonymous said...

I meant 'at xmas' by the way! And the shorts are great too. Haven't tried them on him yet though. Must do that:)

Austy's Mum said...

Great little gift sets! Love the tees. WHat pattren did you use?