Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Photo swap LO's

OK now Theresa has received her LO's in the mail I can pop them in here to

I am really happy with them especially the middle one which i am very happy with them.
So glad you liked them Theresa
Not much else happening at the mo have been op shopping all day LOL but kids are ready for tea so must go

Cheers Susan

Monday, July 30, 2007

I made a blog header

I did it! didn't really take to long either just had to get in my head what I wanted. I think I am happy with it? let me know what you think would love to see some comments (smile)

Cheers Susan

Thursday, July 26, 2007

back again with some tea

Just had to come back in with a pic of the tea Jack cooked tonight. Did it all himself except cutting the cheese and bacon, even turned on the stove himself. Very proud mummy of a very independant 6 year old. I am planing on getting him to cook a few meals next week so he is going thru a reciepe book and telling me what he wants to cook LOL

Might have to scrap a new blog heading tonight I soooooo want to scrap, damn it being so cold in our room.


twice in one day

Can't believe I am back today LOL
Look how much I did even with Luke here LOL

finished sewing them and then laid it out

And then some more sewing and it is nearly finished, although I am a bit lazy as I was going to make a single bed size but it is turning out to be a lap quilt at this stage LOL

Not to bad hey

gotta go Jack is wanting tea.  Boys hey why do they need to eat

Cheers Susan


Well I have finally got my walking foot for my old Elna machine and so I now need to finish Jacks
raggy edge quilt that I started four years ago.  Oh how embarrassing 4 years It was suppose to be a full single bed size but I think I might make it a lap quilt cause Jack has star wars on his bed and Luke has thomas.

I have so much fabric in the cupboard and in my sewing room that I need to finish off some projects before I start any more.  I need to make a bag for Lisa's 30th and Amys bday presents as well so really have to get started on it all, it needs to be done by end of August.
Amd just for fun a cute pic of Luke

Cheers Susan

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

school pics

how exciting we got Jacks school photos back and they are so cute. No I am not bias hehe.
he also gave them to me with his permission to scrap them LOL you can't get much cuter than that.

gotta leave it there as I have to get the boys organised for bed.

Will be back


Monday, July 23, 2007

well the present is in the mail

thats right I finished Xaviers pants in time to get them in the mail express today.  So hoping that he gets them tomorrow and that he likes them.  Added a little thomas toy as well cause I can't help myself LOL

and the top with the train on the front and toot toot stamped down the arm

and the pants from the Ottobre mag. Not hte easiest pattern but looks very smart when finished

OKies gotta leave it there for now as I am rather hungry and need to get the boys ready for bed.
Will be back tonight though hehe


Sunday, July 22, 2007

well here we are.....

in blog world again and I have no idea how people find the time to do this everyday.  I have so much to show but where to start?

Luke fell at the school on Tuesday and decided that his head was a good part of his body to stop himself LOL poor little bugger hit so hard a bump came up straight away. and of course Luke being Luke he would not let me put any ice on it at all. he still has a very nice bump today and bruising around his eyes so i assume he had deep bruising.

this is a pic of him on sat as you can see he has a very dirty face but that is normal for little luke hehe

Have been working on a few LO's fo our Photo swap on Eb and I am very happy with the results here is a little sneak peak for Theresa

Hope you like them when you get them Theresa

I am trying to get Xaviers bday present finished so I can express post it on Monday. Done his top and just have to finish off his pants and hope they fit his waist OK.
Here is the top i made, I am loving having an overlocker makes things sooooooo much quicker and easier
sorry about the crap pics but you get the idea

Well have to leave it there and get stuck into the jobs I need to finish today.  Might get back tonight with an update on X's pants


Monday, July 16, 2007

Mum and Dad have gone

Well mum and Dad left at about 10am this morning.  Was really nice to see them and have them stay here again, a few things had changed since they were here last.  The boys were so excited to see them and were hypo the whole weekend.

Now they are gone Bugger

Amy and Joe from next door came home late last night so the boys have been having a ball plaing with them today, then back to school tomorrow.  Looking forward to school going back I think the 2 weeks is just long enough (smile)

I am trying to finish off a few tops and get X pants done for his birthday cause I need to get them in the mail very soon.  The boys have been playing well so I better get off here and finish off these clothes and then get tea started.

Till next time


Thursday, July 12, 2007

book sales

Well after the gym this morning I decided to go insane and take both boys to the lifeline book fair.  Mmmm did loose Luke a few times but he was either under the table reading a book or walking around the tables.  There was so much to look at and since i had the kids I didn't get to look that well.  But I did manage to get a few star wars books some dinosaur books for Jack and a few sewing ones - dolls actually.  Only managed a few for Luke as I didn't really get a chance to look properly.
Did manage to get some playstation 1 games for $1 or $2 each and in that lot was a PS2 game for $1, have to be happy with that.

Haven't done much else today apart from starting to clean Jacks mess that is suppose to be a room LOL

Okies well time for bed with me Dan brown book but only after a look thru my laytest Scrapbook creations mag.
Nighty nighty all

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

first post

Well OK this is my first post in this blog.  Yep thats right this blog.  I lost my other one PMSL.

Okies we I have been a tad busy with sewing and cooking and scrapping.
I made yummy yummy bread rolls for tea tonight, they were suppose to be for lunch but after our car troubles and being stuck for 5 hours they had to be for tea hehe
how good do they look!

these are a pair of little booties and beenie that I made for a neighbours new little girl. Found the bootie pattern at Heather Baileys websiteI love them they are soooooo cute. Have no idea if they will fit her or not.
Ok so the boys are trashing the place so I might have to go and stop the lounge room turning into a crane since it is nearly 7.30pm and Luke has no pants on LOL