Thursday, December 18, 2008

two parcels posted

OK here is the first messenger bag I made.  It was made for jody  
as part of the EB scrappers secret santa.

these bags are actually very fun to make and now I have started them I need to make more LOL three done already but will need to stop till after xmas now and then I will make myself one.

OK I have two of the five parcel posted and on their way for some special nieces and nephews for xmas.  Lets hope the arrive cause I don't usually get acknowledged by one family that gets presents.

I often wonder why I make things and never receive a yes it arrived or dare I say a thank you.  But I suppose I love it when my kids get their presents and are just so excited I love to know that my niece and nephew are the same even if I never receive a thanks for them.  Anyway that is another topic altogether.

I made X my 5 year old nephew a play mat for his cars or lego or thomas that can just be pulled together to store them in.  We have one for lego and it is great, although Jacks lego collection doesn't fit on it anymore.

Hope he likes it and I am sure his mum will so she doesn't have to keep picking up after him LOL

oh and I also needed to put in the tut that I used for the sock monkey I found it here and loved it it is so easy.  I also had a looksy on youtube for different types as well.

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