Monday, December 8, 2008

arghhh xmas is getting closer

well I am trying to finish off all these little projects for all the niece's and nephews.  I am getting there slowly.

I have finished James elephant

and also on the way to being finished with the dolls quilts.
Have completed the sock monkeys, one for Benjamin's bday and one for Orlan for xmas.
need to get some more little tshirts and shorts done and finish off some bibs and put eyelets around the play mat for X.

So I am getting there, and even though it takes a fair bit of time I am loving making
all the projects for them.

We have got the xmas tree set up and the boys love it.  Just need to sort out a few outdoor lights but we have all had gastro end of last week and over the weekend.  I am pretending that I am not and have not been queasy cause i don't have time, but geez I feel crap LOL

will leave you with a few xmas pics

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