Sunday, May 1, 2011

Getting started again

I keep opening my blog with the intention on posting something but always find something to distract me.

But today I am determined to get it up and start posting again.  I am a bit burnt out lately and I have to many things in my head that I just never seem to get started on anything.  Now is the time to clear my head and start again on one project at a time.  Mind you I have two new nieces or nephews on the way, both around the same time, October, and also my 6 month old niece that I have not made a little quilt for.

Last year I started on a quilt for one of my nieces whose mother loves monkeys. I never got in here with finished pics so thought I should show them off now.

I added the bananas to the boarder and think they look rather cute.
Really happy with how this quilt came together and now that number two is on the way I want to make another one very similar with a monkey on it. Just not sure what sex the next bub will be so I am going to wait and see.

OK will leave it there tonight have to get the boys lunches sorted for tomorrow and get them ready for bed

xxooxx Susan

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