Sunday, September 23, 2007

time for an update

well where do i start.  mmmmmmm
well Anthony took two days off sick at the start of last week and drove me nuts LOL oh geez how can someone be so sick and still be alive, yes a typical man he was on his death bed grrrrrr

Have been sewing a lot lately have started and got quite a lot done on Amy's, Ebony's and Georgia's xmas presents and they are, even if I do say so, looking very cute indeed.

I managed to nearly finish Anthony's muscle top and complete a few head bands which are very easy to make but do need a few adjustments to the pattern.

mmm what else oh I have finish the LO for the beautiful comp on EB.  About time to, I was just so off scrapping with Luke sick and doing my ankle but alas I sat down over the weekend and finished it.  Thanks to Jenny, Sue, Tracey and of course Michelle for your help THANK YOU THANK YOU.
heres a little sneak peak of the LO

Now I just have to get it off to Michelle's (Scrapframes) for framing.  very hard since she is about 15 mins away LOL

ok going to leave it there


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