Thursday, November 22, 2007

so long again

It is such a busy time of the year at the moment and everything that can go wrong is for some reason.
Buggered my ankle again! and had a truck hit me from behind and push me into a car in front, so therefore have not had a car for over two weeks now.  So you would think that the house would be clean and I would have all the sewing up to date.  LOL not even close.

Since last time I posted I have a new nephew so have made him a little something, now just to get to the Post office and post it.  Had a ball making this gorgeous little softie from  
also got the dinosaur to make for xmas presents.  Also have to get something made for my sisters new baby which will be here in about 3 weeks.  How exciting

On the sewing front I have also made a little softie for Luke to have in bed with him and he loves it.

OK well I need to leave it there for now but I will be back with a pic of the items Fiona gave me for my Bday last month and a pic of the gorgeous dress I bought yest from the op shop.



Corrie said...

thank you for the fabric stamp tip! just bought 3 on sale so pretty happy and can't wait to stamp away like crazy!!!

love those softies by the way

Kylie said...

Oh - I love the little softies that you have done. Is the red one out of the softie book??? He is super cute and just perfect for bedtime cuddles.

How is your ankle and ouch for you and your car!