Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I think I am addicted

Well I use to watch my mother quilt and patchwork and decided that I really wasn't patient enough to work on something for so long, But I have given in and I think I am a quilting addict PMSL
Mind you my mother takes ages to finish a quilt because she is the best procrastinator in the world hehe love ya mum.

I have just finished putting my blocks together for my disappearing 9 patch and it was so much fun.
So now I have all the top done so I have to sandwich and baste and then start the machine quilting.
After making Jacks quilt and the new niece/nephews floor rug I decided that my nan was next LOL  It is her bday near the end of August but I think once it is done I will send it off.  she is 88 this year and thought a lap quilt for her in the nursing home would be great.

So here it is. I just LOVE these colours together

Now to get to the basting etc etc

Not much else happening I really need to get back into the scrapping stuff as I have pics sitting there from Clair that I am dying to do.

Oh so many things to do and never enough time



Emma said...

I love your D9P; making the initial blocks the same works really well, and your layout is so effective. I kept looking at it and seeing more patterns!

Belinda said...

Great Job! I love the colours, wouldnt have thought to put them together myself but it looks fantastic!

Ruth said...

Those colours are stunning together! I really like how the D9P looks so different depending on the colours and where the heavy colours are. Love it!