Friday, March 20, 2009

EB clothes swap

OK so I had put up a sneak from the clothes that I made as part of the EB sewing threads clothing swap so now I am back with pics of the clothes I received.

My clothes have been sewing for Jack from the very talented Milly The pants Tshirt and Hat are perfect.  And these are defiantly going to be wearing out clothes.

here are a few pics

This computer is playing up so I will leave it there but again Milly thanks so much we love it.


ingrid said...

Oh wow, these are fabulous! Your son looks gorgeous in them. Well done Milly!

Beetlehouse Designs said...

Oh Milly - They are fantastic.

Brissmiths said...

Wow they look great! Wonderful work Milly

Anonymous said...

How cool are these. Bet Jack loves them.

Natalie said...

Jack looks very funky in his fantastic new outfit! Awesome job Milly

Middle Sister to Susan said...

How cool are those pants, I love the pockets and the stripe detail on the back. I guess my sewing has a long way to go.

Jenny Wren