Wednesday, May 13, 2009

whats on the cutting board

OK so it is that time of the year again that I have a lot of birthdays coming up and I need to get some presents made.
The first birthday is the little girl from next door and she is turning 2.  Then I have 4 birthdays to sew for in June and July and that doesn't count my mother or brothers birthdays.  I don't give presents to family unless it is a big birthday.
I am hoping however to make a little something for mum if I can get it all sorted.

So at the moment I have this cut out on my sewing mat

these are going to make the coolest pants in the street for miss 2.
Also I have been working on a quilt for me.  I got the material obsession book sometime and fell in love with the quilt "fanciful flowers" so here it is in the making

this pic was taken on a double bed and I have made it for our queen bed so you can't see it all but you get the idea.
I am so proud of myself for this rather big project.  I still have to sew all the blocks together and then add the borders.  I am loving making this quilt and it has defiantly challenged me.

OK thats it for now I promise I will get pics of Lukes I spy quilt and blog them at some stage.

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