Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What are we up to?

Now lets see. I have so much stuff on the go at the moment that I thought it would be great to come in and blog it. Don't normally blog very often so maybe this will get me gong a bit more. Well lets hope.

first up I actually started something for me. Yep I am actually sewing me something first time in about 12 years I think. I am pretty happy with it since I have never been game to sew anything like this fabric I chose.
It is from the latest Women's Ottobre Mag which I borrowed from my neighbour. Thanks F.
it is the little knit top and I love it it is actually quite easy although I am not sure how I will go on the buttonholes. Although my new machine has one step buttonholes so with a few practises it should work ok LOL

sorry about all the pins everywhere LOL

it actually pulled a bit out of shape at the bottom but oh well doesn't need to be perfect LOL
It looks better on the dressmakers dummy than me to PMSL

Buttons aren't done yet still have to have a few practises.  I used fold over elastic which actually work out quite nicely. Much better than I think the binding would have.

Now to go and finish it LOL

Also have a pair of pants cut out for Luke in the most gorgeous colour velvety fabric, so I also have to sew them

OK so I have a few other project in mind as well but I think I need to get off the computer and get back to sewing

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mermaids said...

your jacket looks terrific. this pattern is on my list of things to sew.....it is a long, long list. :)