Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Well there have been plenty of things happening in our little world.  First of all Jack has been sick again with almost all of last week off school.  But the good news is he will be getting his tonsils out next Tuesday so that is all good, he is really being good about it all as well.  He did ask me what happens if he isn't asleep or if he feels something but we have had a chat and it is all cool.  It is amazing how perceptive they are.

I have been to see my gorgeous little nephew and what would my blog be without a pic of him LOL
the tiny thing on his new rug.  Stupid me didn't take a pic of me with him. grrr can't believe I forgot to take one
isn't he just perfect awwwww

And also it is my nieces 3rd birthday today, so we have had crazy kids talking on web cam this arvo.  It really is lucky we are interstate cause when these three get together it is a made house LOL

Will sign off with that since I better get the vegies done

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Angela said...

That quilt is sensational Susan. I love the Hungry Caterpillar. James is such a cutie!!!