Thursday, October 9, 2008

an update

Well we are on the last week of school holis here in NSW and they have just flown by.  It will be a bit sad when I have to actually get out of bed before 7.30am next week LOL but at least with Luke awake coughing so much I have been able to sleep in a couple of mornings.
Jack is so good, most mornings he will get Luke his breaky and they will just play together.  Think I might have to start hiring him out LOL

Have made a start on xmas sewing and made a few items for presents lately.
Finished of the other 2 tshirts for the new bubs next door
the other one I finished was one Alice when I took the pic and since I haven't ask permission to post pics of her kids I wont so you will have to wait until I get another picture.

Also made a little tshirt for one of our other neighbours who turned 3.

Also finished Lukes hippo shorts.  I picked up this fabric at the op shop and I am in love with these shorts and he has had so many comments about them

Also finished Amys bday present even though her birthday was at the end of August opps

OK well I will be back with a few more things I have stated for xmas but I need to see what the kids are up to and get them to make a start on cleaning, yeah right

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Angela said...

Susan you are just so darn clever!!! I only wish i knew how to use my sewing machine properly.