Wednesday, November 5, 2008

fabric flowers and more

Well we are heading to Vic for mum and dads 40th wedding anniversary and since we are driving, groan, I am trying to get some things sorted to hand sew in the car.  So with my mission of all homemade presents for the nieces and nephews well underway.  I decided that it would be nice to get the dolls quilt to a point that I could hand quilt.  So I have one ready to go and the other two 80% done.

I have finished the two bibs and skirt for Aiden and Georgia but alas I haven't done pics yet.

Also decided that I would like to make myself a new top to wear to mum and dads.  So in all my wisdom I decided to use fabric that I have never sewn with before.  It worked ok, not perfect but OK.  Still not sure if I will wear it or not but it depends on the weather.

doesn't look great no the dummy but that is cause it hasn't got boobs were as I have LOL

Did pucker a bit at the front but it is still OK

So just in case it is to cold I made a fabric flower to wear with one of my dresses.  Got a few ideas from Heather Baileys flowers but didn't use a pattern just went for it.  I am very happy with the results.

OK well back to these quilts and the mess in the kitchen, will be back with more pics later.
Stay tuned for some more pics.

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PinkLizzy said...

I love the fabric flower! I'm a huge fan if brooches.